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According to Clinica Medica, identifying the root causes of excessive hair loss is crucial to managing your hair loss properly.

We always have some emotional attachment to our hair. Let it be the long and short hair, and we devote some part of our time each day to maintaining and brushing it. People first notice hair loss and other alterations in the scalp and hair when they engage in this daily behavior.

You might think it was due to missing the genetic lottery if your hair is thinning or slowly declining. However, when you blame your forefathers for your bald head, keep in mind that many reasons could have been preventing your hair from growing.

Hair loss affects both men and women and has been the most prevalent symptom of hair loss globally. Male pattern baldness is a term used to describe hair loss in men. Female pattern hair fall or loss is a condition that affects women. Androgenic alopecia is the medical name for hair loss that occurs in both males and females. However, hair loss treatment is the only solution that can be beneficial to you.

What Is Hairfall?

A specific volume of hair falls out often, which is natural. Every day, people might lose up to 100 hairs. People may often have a root problem if they realize they are losing more hair than normal. In that case, individuals should consult a doctor for guidance on effective treatment alternatives.

On the other hand, there might be various reasons for hair fall. DHT is a tyrant of skin cells. It's the source of hair loss... There are no clogged follicles or inadequate flow. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a male enzyme that is derived from testosterone. Both men and women experience the biological cycle of testosterone changing to DHT, which damages hair follicles. Not only this, but when there are some medical issues, one might suffer severe hair loss. Some of the common hair loss problems are as follows:

● A deficiency in key vitamins & minerals
● Stress
● Age
● Chronic illness
● Dandruff
● Medications
● Cancer Illness

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss is referred to medically as "alopecia." Alopecia sometimes doesn't relate to a single type of hair loss disorder; it refers to the type of hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by a variety of disorders, each of which has its own diagnosis. Hair loss is common as people become older because hair growth slows. Hair follicles eventually stop producing hair, causing the hair on our scalp to diminish. Hair begins to lose its color as well. The hairline of a woman begins to recede with time. In general, hair loss can occur in both males and females. Sometimes people can experience hair fall prior to their age. In females, hair loss can be due to:

● Pregnancy
● PCOD Problems
● Hormonal disturbance
● Cancer Treatment
● Lack of nutrients
● Alopecia areata

As we know, hair fall can be disappointing for everyone. Since, hair makes our personality more attractive and young. So, if you're really frustrated with a devastating hair loss or baldness problem, consider taking the best hair treatment.

Whom Does It Affect?

Homeopathy is a compassionate and organic treatment approach that really can cure hair loss issues. A homeopathic trichologist seeks to cure the underlying cause of loss of hair and restore the hair growth in a hair fall therapy with homeopathy. Hair loss is treated using homeopathy, which helps to regulate hair fall and stimulate hair recovery. Similarly, if you're wondering how to get the instant hair growth solution, make sure to visit us. We have some of the best hair fall treatment services.

ClinicaMedica Homeopathy is a clinic network that spans every corner. We offer high-quality homeopathy treatment for hair growth and other options for all hair types. We are a world-class homeopathy therapy center that provides scientific, analysis, and professional services to individuals who suffer from hair loss. So, if you're looking to connect with effective, efficient, and ethical homeopathic remedies for various chronic and recurrent illnesses, visit us today. Our hair treatment services include:

● PRP Therapy
● HST (hair straightening therapy )
● Laser Comb
● Hair MARS Therapy
● Hair health course

Why Choose Clinica Medica?

Hair Fall - Overview

Hair fall or hair loss can change your overall body or simply your scalp, and it can be transient or persistent. Inheritance, menopause, medical issues could cause it, or simply aging. Anybody can experience bad hair fall and baldness, but males are more likely to do so.

Severe hair loss from the scalp is commonly referred to as baldness. One of the most prevalent causes of baldness is hereditary hair loss as people become older. Many individuals may rather leave their hair loss untreated and unnoticed. Hairstyles, cosmetics, caps, and scarves may be used to conceal it. People chose one of the treatment options to prevent additional hair loss or to stimulate hair follicles.

However, if you are looking for a long-lasting and effective way to treat your hair fall, homeopathy hair treatment is considered the most crucial. As we know, homeopathy has been serving people for decades, not only in hair treatment but also in various types of skin treatment.

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Our Services

Our Services

 Hair Strength Therapy
PRP Therapy
Hair Mesotherapy
Laser Comb
Hair MARS Therapy

FAQ - Know What You Must!

Here is some crucial information that you should be aware of.

First, it is critical to recognize that hair loss is a medical illness rather than an aesthetic one. Hair loss comes in a variety of forms, with more than 30 to choose from. It is critical to determine the primary cause of unwanted hair loss to receive the finest hair fall therapy and encourage hair regrowth. However, Homeopathic hair treatment can tackle all root causes of hair loss and promotes hair recovery in a gentle manner.

Hair regrowth with homeopathy is a natural, safe, and successful method. The doctor will diagnose history, and a homeopathic hair fall therapy is chosen and designed for you. Hair regrowth medication in homeopathy focuses on the actual reason for hair loss, slowing hair loss and encouraging new hair growth.

Homeopathy focuses on treating the disease's cause instead of merely the signs. It treats the individual from the inside out. Disease, according to homeopathy, is caused by an individual's imbalance rather than a particular disruption in the body. It treats the individual's disorder instead of merely the spread of the disease symptoms. Likewise, homeopathy treatment is considered a holistic approach that has been helping people curing various other types of disease for decades. However, to see good results, it is always recommended to follow regular treatment.

In comparison to conventional therapies, homeopathic medicine for baldness would be a more permanent structure. Hair loss is treated with homeopathy by addressing the underlying reason, be it a hormonal imbalance or an illness. Homeopathic treatments for male baldness have no adverse effects, making them an excellent option.

Other Services

Homeopathy is an organic way of treating various types of disease. From hair treatment to skincare disorder, Clinica Medica offers a wide range of other services that can be used to give you long-lasting results.

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