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Our Team

Even if we save one life, we feel like contributing valuable support to this earth. Our health care solutions don't limit to a single support. In fact, we believe in creating a family to help those looking for intensive care & comfort. We believe everyone in our team has been a great support to make us stand exceptionally on top in this hugely competitive world. Our super-qualified and highly experienced homeopathic experts are responsible for brightening your smile, and also the entire staff is appreciative of the same. We feel extreme pride in sharing that we are a family of several partners who strive to work potent every single day to give you a quality lifestyle.

Dr. Asif Ali

Medical Officer

Dr. Mazhar Qureshi

Medical Officer

Ms. Mehnaz Khan

Medical Officer, Overseas

Dr. Aliya Afgaani

Homeopathic Consultant

Ms. Divya Singh

Patient Care Manager

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